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Source Smarter with Verified Suppliers
Here are 4 ways Global Sources can help grow your business

Verified Suppliers let you source with more confidence We ensure each supplier is authentic with a legally registered business We confirm that the listed contact person represents the registered company We visit the company 3 or more times to ensure they are export-ready, and have real offices and products We check that the company information is valid and accurate We reject any suppliers that do not meet the standards of our community, and We work closely with intellectual property rights holders to remove any infringing products listed


Six-Star Supplier Ranking System lets you find the most qualified suppliers providing the most comprehensive information about themselves The higher a supplier's ranking, the more information and verification is provided Suppliers rated 5 or 6 stars provide a Credit Check report from Verify Screening Solutions and Supplier Capability Assessment from Bureau Veritas. Free Bureau Veritas assessment reports on our suppliers are available here

Supplier Ranking Supplier Verification
By Global Sources By third party
3 or more
on site visits

Business license* Credit Check*
Supplier Capability

Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes

*We are currently in the process of adding this information to all indicated suppliers. If the suppliers you are interested in do not have this information now, they will soon.

Comprehensive Search provides a one-stop sourcing platform that eliminates the need to visit other websites Global Sources Online 2.0 (www.globalsources.com) delivers search results from our website, other sourcing websites, and across the Internet

Specialized Sourcing Channels provide you in-depth information by industry across our online, face-to-face and print media 14 industry-specific categories to search from on Global Sources Online 9 specialized China Sourcing Fairs across Asia provide face-to-face meetings with quality suppliers 13 sourcing magazine titles available monthly list detailed product & supplier information Over 180 research reports filled with information on verified suppliers, industry trends, and hot new products

Discover how working with Global Sources can make a difference to your business. Get all the relevant products and suppliers you need from one place.


First Advantage
First Advantage — Asia is the largest provider of pre-employment background screening services in the Asia region. Established as Quest Screening Services in Hong Kong in the year 2000, the company has grown rapidly and was acquired by First Advantage Corporation in April 2005. In 2008, it acquired Verify Limited, the second largest background screening firm in Asia.

First Advantage Corporation (NASDAQ:FADV) is a leading provider of screening and risk mitigation solutions in the United States, ranking in the top three companies in nearly all of its business lines. They currently run comprehensive programs for over 700 companies in the region. Their clients include top investment banks, financial services organizations which include all major banks operating in the region, technology companies, software services companies, firms dealing in oil exploration and many from the manufacturing sector including some from the top five business conglomerates in India.

First Advantage has offices in Australia, Canada, China (Beijing, Shanghai & Zhuhai), Hong Kong, India (Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi & Bengalooru), Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, UK and USA. In Asia Pacific region the staff strength totals 1,600.

First Advantage offers products and services that mitigate risk by helping businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies and consumers make more informed decisions. Headquartered in Poway, Calif., the company has more than 4,800 employees that support over 90,000 clients globally.


Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Expertise and Experience Bureau Veritas , founded in 1828, is the world's leading conformity assessment and certification services provider, helping clients to manage risk and enhance their performance in quality, health and safety, environment and social responsibility. With a presence in 140 countries through a network of 900 offices and laboratories, it has more than 40,000 employees and a client base of more than 370,000.

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (BVCPS), a division of Bureau Veritas, has a global network of 75 locations in 40 countries and 7,000 staff in place. It provides an array of concept-to-consumer quality assurance and compliance service. With over 30 years of experience in working closely with retailers, brands, vendors and manufacturers, BVCPS is known as one of the global leaders in providing quality assurance supply chain solutions. It ranks in the top global leadership position in the product segments of hardlines, softlines, and toys. Having established long-standing relationships with most global retailers and brands, BVCPS is committed to meeting the clients' needs for quality, speed-to-market and brand protection through the supply chain in the industry.